Light and Shade

Skylark - Light and Shade

Recorded: 1992

Artist: Skylark

Original Label: Claddagh Records

Released in 1992, this third album from Skylark was released on prestigious Dublin record label Claddagh Records. Skylark are Máirtín O’Connor, Garry Ó Briain, Gerry O’Connor and Len Graham.

The album was re-released in CD and MP3 formats by Claddagh Records.


  1. Mad French
  2. The Brown Girl
  3. The Sunflower
  4. Jigs: Nell Mulligan’s / Upon St. Nicholas’s Boat
  5. The Cruel Wars
  6. Slides: O’Donnell’s Fancy / Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself / The Star Above the Garter
  7. The Pack of Tailors
  8. Highlands: Frank Quinn’s / Peter McArdles’s
  9. The Factory Girl
  10. Up In Smoke
  11. Young and Foolish
  12. Jigs: Munster Bacon / The Hawk / Paddy Kierce’s
  13. The Boys of MullaghbawnThe Gypsy

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